C-Cube Concept


The body is the structure of our concept, the wrapping.

Our containers are designed to maximise their modularity and minimise manufacturing time, without any compromise in their quality and performance.

Any space can be arranged with a combination of our three standard containers (36 m2, 24m2 and 12 m2)

The partitions are completely flexible within the created space using standard equipment such as doors, windows, or furniture. Your clean room will be fully flush using the latest technologies.

This bespoke design can be arranged using the three-step process detailed below:

NB: Some turnkey solutions are already prepared and ready for implementation.


The blood describes all of the fluids we will bring to feed the production processes.

Air handling units and utility supplies necessary for pharmaceutical production are all located in a side container and delivered directly to each container through the technical ceiling.


The brain is how we manage this ready-to-use clean production facility.

The clean room facility becomes intelligent thanks to different levels of access:

– Onsite access for daily production requirements.

– Remote access for customers and the system provider.

The offsite management is organised through cloud technology.

The clean environment becomes intelligent and provides a strong support system for quality and performance in the production process.



    • Build your clean room with a combination of three different sizes of container
    • The size of doors, windows, and light fittings are pre-set
    • Within your defined clean environment, you can position doors, windows, and partitions to match your requirements
    • A standardised manufacturing approach

    • Uses HPL for internal cladding and furniture
    • Rockwool insulation
    • Doors made from HPL and vinyl flooring
    • Built for outdoor use (insulated, waterproof)
    • Clean room is CE and GMP compliant as well as CEI 60 fire resistant

    • Designed for ultimate flexibility
    • Bespoke automation programme to match industry expectations
    • Remote connection
    • Self-contained system (Plug & Play)
  • Enhanced value proposition, great quality clean room at a competitive price

  • Fully controlled project costs

  • Reduced time for project engineering and commercial proposals

  • Reduced time for project implementation after the design approval, reducing the time to market

  • Pre-built inhouse, not impacted by any unforeseen events such as weather, workforce challenges, etc.

  • FAT and IQ completed at our premises

  • Completely flexible construction: it can be extended, upgraded, and relocated easily

  • Monitor and control the clean room and production process from a distance to ensure quality of manufacture, efficiency of installation, and batch production parameter traceability

  • Carbon footprint reduction